Our new baby boy!  On the way with the help of Barb. My husband and I are so grateful. Barb helped us to know all the things we could do to optimize our chances and with acupuncture treatments each week we became pregnant within 6 months.  This was after 2 and 1/2 years of trying.  We couldn’t be happier. We are continuing with the acupuncture once a month so I feel my best during my pregnancy and so far so good.   2016 is going to be a great year.

Dee from Eagan

I came to see Barb in September of 2014 because she had helped both my sister and sister-in-law to get pregnant.  I had a diagnosis of PCOS the same as my sister had.  There is a lot of frustration with that diagnosis as any woman who has it can tell you.  But not when I came to see Barb.  She explained why my body was making cysts and what we could do about it.  She told me of the things I could do to also help myself and I was all in!  It took 6 months but I followed her instructions and came for treatments and now I am happy to announce that we are pregnant!!  Barb rocks!

Diana from St Paul


“My husband and I were having unexplained infertility. We had been trying for over 5 years to conceive naturally. We started IVF in April of 2013. This was our 2nd attempt at IVF. The first attempt was unsuccessful. This time we also came to Barb Fowlds for Acupuncture at the suggestion of our Doctor. I can’t say enough good things about Barb. She was caring and skilled at her job. I believe acupuncture made a world of difference in my IVF experience the 2nd time around. I was more calm, less bloated and had a lot more energy. And now we have a baby on the way! Thanks Barb!”
– Cindy J.


“I am recommending Barb to everyone I know! Not only did she help us get pregnant with 3 Acupuncture visits -yes, that’s right 3 visits!!!! She helped with nausea during my pregnancy and my lower back pain too. She did tell me that 3 visits is the exception and not the rule, but I am sold on acupuncture!”
– Theresa


“My husband and I were having difficulty conceiving and after more than one year of trying on our own, we were frustrated. Thus, we started assisted reproductive therapy through a reproductive endocrinologist in November of 2009. After 5 months of trying with clomid and then gonadatropins with IUI, one of the nurses recommended Resolve, The National Infertility Association. With the help of Resolve’s website, I decided to incorporate alternative infertility treatments. In May of 2010 I started seeing an acupuncturist and going to fertile grounding yoga classes.

After 6 months of seeing the acupuncturist and continuing to experience unsuccessful cycles, even after starting IVF, I felt it was time to try a different acupuncturist. I found Barb Fowlds through the Resolve website and thought her prices were very reasonable. After the first visit with Barb, I knew I had made the right decision. I instantly felt that Barb genuinely wanted to assist with my goal of pregnancy and was not just going through the motions. Barb is extremely knowledgeable, compassionate and thorough in her work. She gave me advice based on her diagnosis and suggested necessary changes in my diet, and increased my number of appointments, which were effective in reaching my goal!

I’m excited to be in my 2nd trimester and feeling well thanks in part to Barb’s treatments. Acupuncture increased my chances for a positive IVF cycle and I noticed decreased side effects with the injections due to maintaining a weekly schedule (sometimes going 3 to 5 times per week) with Barb. Barb was instrumental in contributing to my success in becoming pregnant. I will continue acupuncture with Barb during my pregnancy and afterward, as I truly believe in its benefits for overall better health and wellness. Barb is a very skilled and talented acupuncturist and overall a wonderful person. Many, many thanks Barb!”

– Angela Dewey



“I had been suffering from TMJ for about 2 months. Severe jaw pain used to keep me from chewing crunchy food and give me horrible headaches. I tried Tylenol at first, then other pain killers. I saw my doctor at the pain clinic and he suggested to try acupuncture. I found Barb and what a blessing. I had acupuncture treatments and felt almost instant relief. It took a few treatments for the effect to last and Barb taught me some relaxation exercises that helped too. Now I have almost no pain and when I feel my jaw getting tight I pop in for a treatment or two and I’m good as new!”
– Karen D.


Candida Overgrowth

“I had been battling a yeast overgrowth for several years and had tried other remedies for it. I came to see Barb when I heard that she was joining the local Acupuncture Clinic in my area and specialized in Candida. I had suffered from itching for many years and had developed a large patch of eczema on my arm. My itching was so severe that at times I was scratching myself raw. During the years I had some medical emergencies and was given antibiotics which made my itching and eczema worse. After following Barb’s protocol and diet, the patch on my arm disappeared and all of my itching is gone. Thank you Barb!”
– Betsy H.


“I suffered from eczema and sensitive skin for most of my life and had tried a multitude of therapies only to be repeatedly frustrated by minimal and short-lived results. Since going to Barb for treatment with acupuncture and herbs, my skin has almost completely cleared up, and my overall health is more balanced than it has ever been. Barb is a compassionate, caring healer whose passion for Traditional Chinese Medicine really comes through in her practice.”
– M.R.


“I am so glad that I found Chinese Medicine and Barb to treat my gynecological issues. Barb has taught me a lot of things I can do to keep myself healthy. Her knowledge of herbs and acupuncture has made me a healthier, happier person.”
– S.P.


Back Pain

“Last year I went to Barb with lower back and foot pain. After the first visit, the pain was greatly reduced. Each visit after that lessened the pain until now I am pain free. I would highly recommend barb. She is very professional and attentive to your pain.”
– K.T


“Barb has treated me with acupuncture for low back pain with great success. She has great insight into diet and herbs and has helped me improve the way I feel on a daily basis. When I had a bad cold she gave me herbs and suggested I eat certain foods. I felt better the next day and was back at work.”
– D.F.


Digestive Health

“I had been on Humira for a few months for my Crohn’s and was doing fine. Then I suddenly got a bout of diarrhea that lasted 8 months. My Doctor said his only suggestion was to increase the dosage of my medicine. I just wasn’t comfortable doing that. I asked a friend if she had tried acupuncture and she suggested I see Barb at Merriam Park Acupuncture. I CAN’T BELIEVE THE RESULTS! Barb gave me acupuncture treatments and gave me a cleanse to drink each day. She gave me advice on foods to stay away from. Within 1 week of starting the cleanse and having treatment my stools returned to normal. Everyone at work tells me how much better I look and man I feel great. I will continue seeing Barb as she suggested until we get the “dampness” under control.”
– P.D.


“Barb is professional and I always felt comfortable and relaxed when being treated by her. She always had great insight into the foods I needed to eat. I highly recommend her.”
– P.T.


Stress and Anxiety

“I saw Barb during a time in my life when I was under a lot of stress and anxiety. In addition to receiving beneficial acupuncture treatments, Barb also gave me helpful advice on my diet and lifestyle to better my health, both mentally and physically.”
– S.J.